We take lead generation one step further. We do all the marketing. We generate all the incoming calls. You just answer the phone.
Here's what I mean. You spend so much of your time on the marketing side of your business (which we're good at) that you don't have time to talk with folks on the phone (which is what you should be good at).
The point is, you just DON'T have time to be successful. You spend too many hours doing things you're not that good at. Now don't get me wrong. You MUST HAVE a marketing side to your business. That's where we come in. We KNOW the marketing game. We KNOW how to get your phone to ring. In fact, check it out in this quick clip:
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ALL Leads Are Pre-Qualified - Details: Click HERE
 ALL Leads Are PROVEN Buyers - Details: Click HERE
 ALL Leads Are EXCLUSIVE To You - Details: Click HERE
ALL Leads Have Networking Experience - Details: Click HERE
Are you sick and tired of all the run around nonsense. you see online. We are too. So, we decided to lay it out plain and simple. We're willing to put our GUARANTEE in black and white for everybody to see. Why??? That's simple. We know we can deliver. We are the ORIGINAL. We've been at this for years. So, here it is:
Push Button Power Leads GUARANTEES To Generate
Over 100 INCOMING Calls Directly To YOUR Phone Every Month
In other words, we do ALL the marketing work (which we're good at) and all you have to do is talk on the phone and answer questions (which is what you should be good at).
I have always taught a 'Divide And Conquer' approach to just about everything. It just makes more sense. And in business, it usually makes more dollars and cents. So now, we've come full circle. Push Button Power Leads provides that win-win that everybody has always tried to find.
What Are Some Of Your
Successful Competitors Saying???
Andrew Sinay The idea of proven buyers calling me was exciting enough. But to actually experience it is a dream come true. At times, I've been too busy to do all the steps necessary to build my business. That has all changed now. Because of the Push Button Power Leads System, my business is growing!
...Andrew Sinay
Jerry Maurer All I can say is wow!! Since Push Button Power Leads requires no technical skills and no marketing knowledge, it's a total No Brainer! PBPL has quickly become my #1 recommended traffic source to my team because it will have their phone ringing in hours! Let's face it! People don't join a business, they join a person. As a member of PBPL, people will be chasing you! Business does not get any better than that! Way to go Dennis!
...Jerry Maurer
Raymond Schade Thanks for introducing the PBPL Marketing System. I received calls the very next day after subscribing to this service. That day 4 calls came in. This is the first week and I get an average of about 3-4 calls a day. This is a great system. Thanks again for Push Button Power Leads!
...Raymond Schade
OK!!! What's In It For You???
Freedom Of Your Personal Time
Freedom From Techie Experience
Freedom From Lead Generation
Freedom From Marketing Worries
Freedom To Control YOUR Success!!!
Afterall, isn't that what's it's all about? Control equals success! We've already laser targeted your audience. We've already fine tuned all the message. All you do as answer over 100 incoming calls each and every month. That's what I call freedom!
Chris McMahon I have been in the Industry for 22 years. For network marketers like me, PBPL has it dialed in. There are two reasons why. One is that every leader wants a solution for their downline. Two is that you've got like minded people calling you everyday. My results were instant. So I upgraded to 600 calls a month. Thanks Dennis. You've simplified my life and have connected me with the right prospects.
...Chris McMahon
Chris Kinney I have been involved in Network Marketing for over 20 years. My best skill and what I enjoy most is just "connecting" with people. After just my first day of using the new PBPL system (the setup was so simple that it should really be called Leads for Dummies!) I had 5 incoming calls. 2 of them were a little confused and did not have a business. But, the other 3 were top flight, grade A networkers that were truly interested in getting the system for their primary focus. Now, I can simply say: get set up and follow the simple scripts. When you start getting the calls, you'll start enjoying a much bigger circle of influence and a stronger sense of purpose because you're truly helping people with their business. Thanks Dennis!
...Chris Kinney
Stephen Sampson I was planning to send this off this morning. But, I got too busy getting incoming calls and returning calls! Heh heh! When you said we would receive calls within 24 hours, you weren't kidding. You sent an email stating my system was ready. But by then, I had received 3 calls! The calls keep coming in everyday. This is better than chasing people that do not even have a clue what "Being in Business" is all about. I am loving it, loving it and loving it!!!!
...Stephen Sampson
Let's Take A REAL Look
AT This BAD BOY In Action!!!
Video #1: Lead Generation
For More Details: Click HERE
Exclusive Leads Video: Click HERE
Pre-Qualified, Proven Buyer Video: Click HERE
Video #2: Voice Broadcasting
For More Details: Click HERE
Voice Mail Script Video: Click HERE
Live Answer Script Video: Click HERE
Video #3: Auto Responder
For More Details: Click HERE
Examples Of Auto Responder Messages: Click HERE
Video #4: Contact Manager
For More Details: Click HERE
Inside The Contact Manager Video: Click HERE
Delores Saunders I've had a great experience with PBPL! You are delivering what you promised. I am receiving about 10 incoming calls per day. That is VERY advantageous for my online marketing business. Your superior training far exceeds all of my expectations. I am thrilled that your system does the work for me while I am teaching school all day long! Within 24 hours, the calls started coming in. I am totally impressed with this program! You have a Winner on your hands!
...Delores Saunders
Patrick Cascio I have been in direct sales for over 20 years. I've tried just about every tool known to man. But now, Push Button Power Leads is the one stop solution for all my marketing needs. What counts the most to me is that the System gets results and saves me time. The INCOMING calls from quality people is a breath of fresh air. My phone started ringing within 24 hours after the set-up. My very first caller was eager to speak to me and is interested in my primary business. Thank you Dennis and the entire PBPL staff for your stellar system, training and support.
...Patrick Cascio
Paul Hanson Quite simply, Push Button Power Leads is the answer to my prayers! As any network marketer or home based business entrepreneur will tell you - you literally live and die on the number of leads you can generate that are ready, willing and able to do business with you! If most marketers are like me, I knew what I needed to do, but simply didn't have the time to build the sales lead funnel that I wanted - enter the genius of Dennis Bayne and Push Button Power Leads. From day one, this system has impressed - giving me 4 calls by early afternoon - and the day isn't done yet! This system has it all - it's truly 'plug 'n play' lead generation and lead management at its best!
...Paul Hanson
Want to Crack Open The Box
To See What's REALLY Inside?
We told you about everything we do. But, you're probably wondering what you do. That's easy. All you do is answer the phone. Then you might ask, how does that conversation go. No problem. We've got you covered. Our 'Gang Of 4' video series digs all the way through that possible conversation.
To Download Script PDF And Training Videos: Click HERE
To Review Our Reverse Marketing Strategy: Click HERE
Thomas Stone This is a network marketers dream come true. To get high quality leads interested in your business has always been the dirty little secret they don't really talk about when you join almost any program. They may have fantastic products, sales funnels, landing pages, websites, or compensation plans. But, you still have to get the folks to your site. Push Button Power Leads is the horse that you can hook ANY cart (business) to. Plus, you can ride that horse for a nice side income as well. Dennis is a genius.
...Thomas Stone
ShaDonna Shaffer The advantage to having this system is that I don't have to market to my friends and family. With PBPL and those 3-7 incoming calls per day, I always have someone to introduce my business to. Plus, I have a Marketing System to offer my downline where I know they can be successful. In turn, that allows me to earn an extra income as a Push Button Power Leads affiliate. These advantages have given me a different outlook for my business. Now I know I will have continued success from here forward. I like Dennis' straight forward approach and how he teaches us to work our business. Now, anybody can be successful with the right tools and the right training. Exciting times!
...ShaDonna Shaffer
Jim Robinson My experience with Push Button Power Leads has been out of this world! My phone was ringing off the hook from day one. Being able to have daily conversations with active experienced marketers is a dream come true for me. I have enough live leads for myself and my team. Dennis has hit a home run with PBPL. Great program!
...Jim Robinson
Push Button Power Leads IS
A DEFINITE Solution To Your Problem
We Write ALL The Scripts
For More Details: Click HERE
We Do ALL The Marketing
For More Details: Click HERE
You Receive Calls DAILY
For More Details: Click HERE
We Create The Initial Sales Funnel
For More Details: Click HERE
ALL Leads Have Network Marketing Experience
For More Details: Click HERE
All Leads Scrubbed Against The National DNC List
For More Details: Click HERE
Other IMPORTANT Benefits Include:
Automatic Face Book Integration
For More Details: Click HERE
For More Details: Click HERE
Built-In Contact Management System
For More Details: Click HERE
We Write ALL The FollowUp Messages
For More Details: Click HERE
24-7-365 Video Training Library Available
For More Details: Click HERE
FREE, High Priority Ticket Support System
For More Details: Click HERE
Sterling Myers I joined Push Button Power Leads on a Friday. On Monday the leads started coming in. Most are very qualified leads and I find it very easy to put them into my funnel for my business opportunities. I highly recommend that if you need good leads for your business that you get off the fence and get started now. Join the Push Button Power Leads Marketing System today and start getting qualified leads tomorrow.
...Sterling Myers
Ken Gardner I began network marketing in 1995. Since then I've worked with many of my friends to find a lead system that works. No matter how good the lead systems, emails or websites were, you still had to cold call. The Push Button Power Leads system has solved all those problems with 100 qualified, exclusive leads calling me every month. I opted into the 600 calls a month system. The calls started on a Friday. By Monday I was receiving over 30 calls a day. I had to pause the calls to put in an extra phone line. The PBPL training by Dennis is the best I have ever seen. All the other lead systems that my team has been using for the last 17 years are gone because they are useless when compared to Push Button Power Leads.
...Ken Gardner
Linda Carlson I've been with PBPL about a week. I started getting calls the day after I joined. I've received between 5-7 calls daily from this system. The training from Dennis is priceless. I've signed up 2 people into my online business and have several others that are interested. In my opinion, anyone who is in business should take a serious look at this.
...Linda Carlson
Did Someone Say
I DEFINITELY don't like the government's way of spreading the wealth. But, if I DECIDE to share it, that's Watch this video to check out our brand new Affiliate Program!
$200 INSTANT Commission
Plus, $20 Monthly Residual Income Per Referral!!!
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Disclaimer: You should not purchase this product based on any earnings potential described in any of our materials. We do not know your marketing skills. Therefore, any and all results will vary. Instead, make your decision based on the potential functionality of the product in conjunction with your business. That's where the value lies. Then, any commissions you may earn, although not guaranteed, are icing on the cake.
Joe Sweeney PBPL has been a game changer for me. It has put my business on steroids. I'm getting calls everyday from people looking to add an additional stream of income to their business. I love that people are calling me. I'm answering the calls live and able to interview them and then take them to the next logical step. Dennis has put together a totally unique system with training videos that make this system a "no brainer" to use. That means no more cold calling for me. PBPL will explode my business and I love it!
...Joe Sweeney
Paul Burdett Push Button Power Leads is just flat out AMAZING. I started getting calls the very next day and have many leads in my funnel because of the simplicity and power of this system! PBPL allows me to sit back and passively market. All I do is answer the calls. I'm so happy that I heard about this system and can't even imagine being without it!
...Paul Burdett
Bob Biss I've been in direct sales - network marketing for 34 years. Most of my personal team building has come from purchased leads. However, in all of those 34 years, I have NEVER experienced a more powerful 'lead system' than I am with Push Button Power Leads! Dennis has put all this technology together which basically does all the HARD WORK for us so that we can get 100+ unique phone calls each month from networkers who want to talk with us. Not only is PBPL a genius System, but I'm convinced that it will literally revolutionize the way business is done! I know that I will be sharing this incredible system with everyone I know ... and after 34 years I know quite a few!
...Bob Biss
Can't Decide? No Problem!
Let's Do A Quick Review:
Don't know if Push Button Power Leads is right for you? Let's touch on some of the high points and look at the BENEFITS of this powerful type of maketing.
Once you dig a little deeper, I think you'll agree that PBPL is EXACTLY what your business needs right now. Remember that with our service you'll receive at least 100 INCOMING calls directly to your phone every month you're with us. That's about 3 per day. Plus, all the leads are EXCLUSIVE to you within our system. It doesn't get much better than that!
Here's The Recap:

WE Use The Bone Collector...
                ...Techniques To Get Your Leads

WE Use Push Button Dialer...
                ...To Generate Your INCOMING Calls

WE Use Push Button Auto Responder...
                ...To Email Your Leads

WE Use Push Button Manager...
                ...To Keep Your Business Organized
That's Right. We Do ALL The Work!!!
You Just Talk On The Phone And Answer Questions.
Still Have Questions?
We're Here To HELP!
Here Is Our Contact Information
You Have Been Personally Invited To This Website By:
Name: Dennis Bayne
Bill Barlow I got my first call the same day I started! I was hoping to average 3 calls a day. I have actually received TWICE that many on most days so far. While not all the callers are interested, I can say w/o a doubt that my pipeline is filling up faster now than with anything I've done in the last 3 years. I always hated cold calling. But after getting all these incoming calls, it reminds me of a HUGE warm market. Plus, with the training you'll receive from Dennis and his videos there is NO excuse not to get on board. I'm glad I did!
...Bill Barlow
Cynthia Fillio Push Button Power Leads has truly been a blessing for me. On the 21st I recorded my 10 and 20 second messages. It was a breeze. On the 22nd my phone began to ring. I had about 7 calls come in that day and about 5 the next. I was not there to answer the phone. But, I did have 5 that left a message to call them back. I even had one call on Saturday that had received my call on that Friday from the system. This is by far the easiest way I have ever seen to contact prospects. Most of them are eager to find out what it is that you're contacting them about and will give you a call. If you're looking to speak to people about your business, Push Button Power Leads is definitely the way to go to generate leads for that business. Thank you PBPL!!!
...Cynthia Fillio
Keith Gannett Any company with a product or service to sell needs an audience. It needs to get the word out to as many people as possible in order to find people who are interested in their product or service and will also use it. Push Button Power Leads is making that happen for me. I went live with the program on a Monday afternoon. My phone started ringing on Tuesday and has not stopped. This program has saved me the time I was spending doing all the "grunt" work and allowed me to spend time doing what I need to be doing which is telling people about my business.
...Keith Gannett
NO Software To Download
Access Everything You Need From ONE Back Office

The answer is YES! We have combined the functionality of 4 of our most sought after products into Push Button Power Leads. But don't forget, we do ALL the marketing and techie stuff for you. So, all you need to do is access one simple back office and you're good to go.

OK! What's It Going To Cost Me To Receive
Over 100 INCOMING Calls EVERY Month???
Early Bird SPECIAL Pricing!!!
Good Through Midnight:
Watch The Video Below For Details
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You Need A North America Phone Number To Receive INCOMING Calls
No Contract. Month To Month. Cancel At Any Time.
Disclaimer: You should not purchase this product based on any earnings potential described in any of our materials. We do not know your marketing skills. Therefore, any and all results will vary. Instead, make your decision based on the potential functionality of the product in conjunction with your business. That's where the value lies. Then, any commissions you may earn, although not guaranteed, are icing on the cake.

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